Abacus Payroll Service

You may have heard the phrase "bigger is better". Abacus Payroll is a small and strong payroll company that proves bigger is not always better. I own and operate Abacus Payroll Service so when you work with Abacus you are working with me, the owner. We will also give you personalized service, you are not reduced to a number, or just another customer. At Abacus Payroll, we believe in personal service for every client; we are your payroll department.

Abacus Payroll works with a number of providers, making us a one stop shop. We can provide:

  • Health Insurance
  • Retirement benefits
  • Worker’s Comp

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We offer a full range of payroll services to suit every sized company. Whether you're a "family affair", or a nation-wide company, we have the ability to not only handle your payroll issues, but to do it with professional business care.

  • Calculate payroll
  • Calculate Employee Payroll Taxes
  • Calculate Employer Payroll Taxes
  • Provide Direct Deposit for Employees
  • Provide Payroll Check File

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Abacus Payroll can help smooth your monthly stress over payroll and taxes.

  • Pay Both Employee and Employer Payroll Taxes to State and Federal Agencies
  • File All Required State Tax forms
  • File All Required Federal Tax Forms
  • Printing and Filing of W2's
  • Printing and Filing of 1099's